Tweet Bot for Carmen Thyssen Museum is born!

A twitter bot of Carmen Thyssen Museum is born!

The Digital Art History Summer School 2019, organized by the University of Málaga, created a dynamic and interactive Twitter bot that offers helpful information about the artworks in the Carmen Thyssen Museum. One piece of artwork each day. In total 254 works will be shown to a world-wide audience. To attract more art lovers to interact with our bot, we designed some simple and fun questions.
Feel free to view it! Click here.

We have been using Natural language processing (NLP) to create hashtags and summaries from the description text and composed flashcards with the caverage colour of the images as background. The full code can be found at Github.

This bot was created by Qiuzi Guo, Víctor Casas Moreno, Fernando Muñoz Martín and Harald Klinke.

Matching China Game

A fun and interactive game to look at how different narratives influence our ways of seeing. The game only takes a few minutes.

If you want to play, click here!!

BCNM’s article about #DAHSS17, by Emily Liu

Check it out here the Berkeley Center of New Media’ s article about DAHSS17.

Caitlin’s Failed Experiments – Post in Progress

I’m creating this post to put all my experimental things that didn’t work. Right now I am working with a subset of the Met Open Access data – namely the 6000+ objects in the Ancient Near Eastern Art Collection.

I tried several different networks using our R Studio -> Gephi workflow that we practiced together.

My explanation and images on my blog at

DAHSS 17 Productive Failure

Hola a todos! Hello everyone!

Bienvenido a DAHSS17. Este es un primer post. Siéntase libre de publicar sus cosas.

Welcome to DAHSS17. This is one first post. Feel free to publish your stuff.