Objectives and Learnings


1. Provide a specialized training in computational and digital competencies in the field of Culture Heritage, Art History and Visual Culture, which includes learning about debates and key concepts in Digital Humanities and gaining hands-on experience with tools and techniques for research, creation and dissemination.
2. Promote a critical thinking perspective about how the digital turn is influencing the way in which cultural and art-historical knowledge is produced, disseminated, reused and learnt.
3. Configure   a   community-based   and   multicultural   forum   for   the interchange of ideas and debates.
4. Provide to the 21th century experts the proper competences and skills to operate efficiently in a new epistemological and communicational realm


1. Knowledge about contemporary debates and critical positions related to disciplinary transformations in the field of Art History and Visual Culture
2. Acquisition of skills related with data and metadata management and modelling
3. Acquisition of skills related with basic data-driven analysis techniques
4. Acquisition of skills related with the interpretation of data visualizations
5. Knowledge of e-literature and new media projects as potential models for the redefinition of art writing formats and discourses